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The key to building a better golfer is to effectively  identify and address the issues that prevent you from playing your best golf. Many golfers are plagued with problems before they even swing the club!  Golf Instructor Bo McCorkle understands this all too well. 

K-Motion™ Technology provides biofeedback of a golfer's swing from start to finish.  The results and subsequent training allow you to realize the 'feel versus real' approach.  Whether you are a beginner, weekend warrior, or competitive golfer...

K-Motion™ Technology was designed to help you!

The Process

You will be measured with

K-Motion's 3D Technology, an explanation of how to achieve a better golf game will be provided, and then receive a customized training program.

K-Motion's patented biofeedback helps you to learn the feel of a better swing and overall  mechanics of a more finely tuned golf game.

Each rep of each practice drill is performed perfectly to encourage

 muscle memory - literally guiding you through every drill with visual & auditory biofeedback.

Biofeedback Report

The K-Motion™ biofeedback report is generated by the sensor captured data as the golfer swings.  The report helps identify issues revealed through the collected data, in addition a customized program is generated to help correct the identified flaws.  This program then utilizes postural and auditory reinforcement techniques to effectively train.

Sample Report
K-Motion Report
Used by over half of the 
Top 100 Coaches
Wireless Configuration
K-Motion™ is Golf's Most Player Action Developed Data
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