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Golf Lessons

                     Biofeedback Technology

                     Building a Better Golfer

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Bill N.

"The K-Motion™ technology is unbelievable! I've been to the best instructors in the SE to Dallas, TX. There were 'feels' in my swing that I've questioned for years. I've discussed these different 'feels' with instructors [unsuccessfully]; in just 20 minutes, Bo and I used the K-Motion™ technology to pinpoint what I 'feel' and corrected [issues] quickly without spending hours hitting balls. I was blown away!! Go see Bo if you really want to get better!"

Jessica J.

"I met with Bo for our first lesson and it was so helpful! I had taken a few other lessons at another facility but did not feel like I was getting the progression I needed. Bo immediately made me feel comfortable on the the driving range, and very quickly improved some of my body mechanics. I felt much more confident and look forward to many more lessons!"

Ketan J.

"It was fun learning from Bo. He keeps things simple and helps [me] to understand the basics, which improve the game. Definitely recommend if you are looking to learn the game."

Chip F. 

"Bo is a dedicated instructor with an immense passion for the game of golf and helping individuals achieve optimal performance. The K-Motion™ technology he utilizes gives authentic feedback on swing mechanics, enabling you to make modifications that enhance your golf the envy of your golfing group!"

Amanda B.

"Bo is passionate, patient, and detail-oriented...All the things that make a good coach! Definitely recommend if you are looking for ways to improve your golf game."

Dwight K.

"Bo was great! The technology that [he] utilizes complemented with one-on-one attention to my swing is unlike any instruction that I have received. Definitely recommend!"

Kevin R.

"Bo is great! With him, along with using the K-Motion™ technology, it was much easier to find and address issues in my swing on the computer. It's very much a "feel based" approach, versus an instructor simply telling you what needs to be worked on. Great experience!"

Joey M.

"Great experience from start to finish. 
A different style and type of learning with a visual aid that helped me feel improper swing habits. Really appreciated Bo walking me through it and will definitely be back!"

Tim S.

"Bo has the knowledge and experience to help you take strokes off your game in a very short period of time. He can spot small changes in your fundamentals that will immediately make you a better golfer. There is no wasted time during his lessons. The old saying 'Bo knows golf' applies."

Dave G.

"Very helpful especially with establishing proper posture at address and takeaway!"

Joel A.

"I enjoy working with Bo. He knows what he's talking about and he's helped me a lot. He has patience and he's a good teacher."

Marcus B.

"Bo does a great job of listening and [understanding] your particular situation. The technology is awesome!"

Brad S.

"Bo helped tremendously with my golf swing, just a couple of lessons and I immediately saw significant progress. I plan to continue using him moving forward."

Tommy S.

"Love the K-Vest™ Technology. Now I know exactly what to practice. Bo is very patient and definitely knows the golf swing. I highly recommend Upstate Golf Rx!"

Ross H.

"To call K-Motion™ a "game changer" is not an overstatement. Incredible technology coupled with Bo's knowledge and passion to help others improve their golf game, makes it a win-win. I saw incredible results in just my first lesson.  Worth every penny!"
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