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K-Coach™ Golf Instructor Bo McCorkle

Bo McCorkle
                              Golf Instructor

Bo began his golf journey as an adult and regretted the late start as most know that golf is a game that requires as much time to "perfect" as possible - and that is an unfair expectation when it comes to golf! As today's golf technology was not available in the mid-nineties, ingraining bad swing habits became an easy pattern to develop.  Like most golfers, Bo found himself looking to the self-guided quick fixes & reading any and all material he could amass to tackle the hurdles of golf's finicky nature - a scenario that resonates with so many people!   Being an avid athlete as a child and young adult allowed for just enough self-correction to make the homemade golf swing work and the scoring resulted in acceptable ranges for most...but Bo wanted more!  When Bo found what K-Motion™ had to offer, his interest was immediately piqued.  In further research, he began to realize that this was what his game and so many other golfers' games were lacking:

A fundamental approach to the actual science of the golf swing and how to identify what needs to be addressed to train correctly. The reality for most in golf is sometimes what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing aren't even close. It is a cruel aspect of golf and has millions of golfers trying maniacally to find the secret to the golf swing. Bottom line, it is an inherently difficult game made more difficult by inefficient practice. So many players, Bo included, often practice without direction or purpose, but when you don't know what or how to practice you're stuck.

K-Motion™ identifies what you need to work on and provides a workable plan to address those issues thus providing that direction and purpose needed to get the most out of your game. Bo truly thinks K-Motion™ is a game changer for golf instruction and he hopes to share this cutting-edge technology with you as a client!

*Why the "Rx" you may's two-fold really.  First, Bo believes that this technology paired with a customized program for each golfer is a specific, prescribed solution for your golf ails.  Second, Bo's background is in the medical industry, so it seemed quite logical; by some colleagues he is known as "Doctor Bo"   : )

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