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K-Motion™ Technology is the Game Changer

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Hello Fellow Golf Enthusiasts! I am very excited to share the news that I am joining Haas Family Golf as a K-Motion™ Instructor. After years of mostly self-guided trial & error, I contemplated trying to help others with their golf game; however, the challenge of being an effective golf instructor is daunting. Then during my daily perusal of golf instruction videos, I came across a group that utilizes 3D Technology; I found it extraordinary to completely understand what one was actually doing while swinging the club through 3D visualization! Unfortunately, this high level of technology came with an equally high price tag. After extensive research, I discovered K-Motion™ and realized at a fraction of the cost I was able to not only incorporate 3D Technology, but biofeedback training as well. Immersing myself into the full capabilities of the K-Motion™ software has been enlightening. The thorough extent to which they have taken into consideration how to build a better golfer is nothing short of brilliant! Everyday proves to be more and more exciting knowing that I can share this technology with golfers like myself...golfers who fervently want to improve their golf game regardless of skill level. I've spent decades searching for something that effectively illustrates the tremendous difference between "Feel versus Real" - I finally found that something...K-Motion™ Technology!

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